Goals and objectives

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State environmental institution “Republican reserve “Pribuzhskoe Polesie” was created to manage the natural complex located within the reserve and biosphere reserve. The purpose of the Institution is to fully meet the needs of citizens, society, the state in the preservation of natural complexes and objects of protected areas.

The main tasks are:

  • providing conditions for the preservation of natural complexes and objects on its territory in the natural state;
  • organization of environmental activities in protected areas and ensuring compliance with the established regime of its protection and use;
  • organization and maintenance of field observations aimed at the study of natural complexes and objects, assessment and forecast of the environmental situation, development of scientific bases of nature protection, conservation of biological and landscape diversity, reproduction and rational use of natural resources, participation in environmental monitoring;
  • environmental education and promotion of environmental protection;
  • preservation of the natural complex as a historically developed landscape and genetic Fund of flora and fauna;
  • organization and implementation of environmental education, education and training of the population;
  • preservation of cultural heritage (objects of Ethnography, archeology, history, etc.);
  • tourism organization;
  • management of complex economy on the basis of scientifically grounded traditional technologies and advanced achievements of
  • nature management;
  • implementation of economic and other activities in accordance with the established regime of protection and use of the reserve and biosphere reserve.
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