Location, area, structure and status

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Biosphere reserve and landscape reserve “Pribuzhskoe Polesie” are located in the South-West of the Brest region of the Republic of Belarus.

In 2003, The Republican landscape reserve “Pribuzhskoe Polesie” was created (link to the Regulations on the Republican landscape reserve “Pribuzhskoe Polesie”,  №736, 30.05.2003).

The reserve “Pribuzhskoye Polesye” received the official status of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2004 (link to the Regulations on the Biosphere Reserve “Pribuzhskoye Polesye” No. 628, 09.12.2003). And in 2012, it received official confirmation of its status at the international level of the transboundary tripartite biosphere reserve “West Polesie”.  It operates on the basis of three national parts – biosphere reserve “Pribuzhskoe Polesie “(Belarus), biosphere reserve” Shatsky “(Ukraine) and biosphere reserve” West Polesie” (Poland).

The boundaries, the regime of the protection and use of the landscape protected area “Pribuzhskoe Polesie”, restrictions and prohibitions on carrying out economic activities are regulated by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus March, 2018 No. 199 “About landscape protected area «Pribuzhskoe Polesie». The total area of the reserve is 17 230, 6 hectares in accordance with the resolution. The area of the biosphere reserve is 48 024 hectares.

The territory of the biosphere reserve “Pribuzhskoe Polesie” is divided into three zones:

The main zone (A) (4.367 hectares or 9.1% of the reserve area) includes areas of the territory with valuable ecosystems.

The buffer zone (B) (25.337 hectares or 52.8% of the reserve) includes natural landscapes for which there is no change in traditional land use.

The external transition zone (C) (18,380 hectares or 38.1%) includes land plots necessary for the present and future sustainable, intensive and ecologically balanced development of the territory.



Zoning of TBR «West Polesie» (Belarusian part)