Ecological path «Mezhozernaya»

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Ecological trail “Mezhozernaya” – is located on the territory of the biosphere reserve “Pribuzhskoe Polesie” and runs along the watershed between the lakes Beloe and Rogoznyanskoe. Developed and equipped by the staff of the Republican reserve “Pribuzhskoe Polesie” within the project of small grants “let’s Preserve nature together”. On a relatively small area (length of the trail 2.5 km) presents a variety of ecosystems of the biosphere reserve, namely: coniferous, deciduous and mixed forests, lakes, small forest rivers, transitional and lowland swamps.

The beginning of the trail takes just off the road leading to the MSE JSC “Bestagrotrans” and ends at the tourist camp of the Belarusian Railways. Throughout the trail is marked with orange color signs and equipped with 8 information stands.

You can walk along the trail by yourself or by an organized group accompanied by a guide. You can order the services of a guide by phone / Fax: +375 (162) 20-86-00 or by e-mail:

Visiting the ecotrope with a guide, you will learn the history of the biosphere reserve and reserve “Pribuzhskoe Polesie”, get acquainted with the myths and legends associated with this territory and of course enjoy the beauty of nature Pribuzhya.