In a fairy tale of virgin nature

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Bus and walking tour will introduce you to the history and sights of the border areas of Brest and Kamenetz.

On the way to Kamenets you can see such interesting architectural monuments as the Trinity Church of the XVI century in Chernavchitsy.

During a stop in Kamenets you will get acquainted with the only surviving defensive structure of the XIII century – Belaya Vezha (Kamenets tower).

In Belovezhskaya Pushcha you can walk along the enclosures with wild animals, take pictures of bison, bears, wolves and other animals.

In the renovated halls of the Museum of nature you will get acquainted with the history of Pushcha, learn about the habits and life of animals and birds. 

Visiting the residence of Santa Claus, you find yourself in a living fairy tale: childhood returns again, a walk near the fairy-tale characters, clean air and more.

Coming out of the residence, you can taste fragrant Pushcha’s tea and dishes of Belarusian cuisine.