Tourist facilities within the biosphere reserve

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A variety of natural objects, magnificent natural landscapes, historical and cultural monuments, developed tourist infrastructure will not leave indifferent guests of the biosphere reserve “pribuzhskoe Polesie”.

The presence of mineral water sources, therapeutic mud reserves, huge massifs of pine and mixed forests and clear lakes created wonderful conditions for the organization of therapeutic and preventive activities and recreation. The center of ecological education and tourism offers its services to tourists and nature lovers.

Over the shores of lakes White and Rogoznyanskoe stretches resort of local importance “White lake”. Here you can improve your health in JSC “SKO “Bestagrotrans”, relax at the recreation centre “Beloe Ozero”, “Electron”, etc. To services of tourists are comfortable rooms, skilled medical services, tourism equipment rental, entertainment programs.

The surrounding forests are rich in mushrooms and berries, lakes – fish. On the shores of the lakes there are designated Parking places for active tourists – thousands of people rest here every summer.

South of the settled area around the lake Selyahi. Here, among the pine forest tourists expect wooden houses, Russian bath, good fishing and a lot of impressions.

In the village of Tomashovka, located in the southernmost part of the district, at Your service are:


Hotel Slavyanka


Sports complex Star (with two swimming pools, gym, tennis court, playgrounds)


The Restaurant Space


“Cafe Pine in G. p. Domachevo

For lovers of educational tourism the doors of the following museums are open:


Museum of Cosmonautics in Tomashovka village


The Museum of people’s glory. in Copper


Museum of military glory in high school G. p. Domachevo

Museum (local history) room in high school G. p. Domachevo