Water objects and fishing tourism on the territory of the biosphere reserve «Pribuzhskoe Polesie»

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Water objects and fishing tourism on the territory of the biosphere reserve “Pribuzhskoe Polesie»

On the territory of the biosphere reserve «pribuzhskoe Polesie» there are about 130 lakes, of which – non-floodplain only 7, which form the Brest group of lakes. Lake White and Selyahi – waste. All other nepoemanie lakes were sewage flowing by artificial channels strip at the end of the 19th century 60-ies of the 20th century. Nepoemanie lakes are located at a small distance from each other.

Nepoemanie lakes: White, Black, Secret, Rogoznyanskoe, Selyahi, Medynskoe, Streleckoe.

Lake Selyahi


The Secret Lake


Lake Streleckoe


Lake Mednansky


Lake White

Rivers: Western bug, Kopaska, Spasovka, Seredova river.

River Kopanka


Western Bug River


Reservoir: reservoir Orchowo.

Reservoir Orchowo


The following ponds have been leased on the territory of the biosphere reserve for fish farming:

  • the pond to the North of D. Leplyuvka /corvoisier “Swamp Copytsko” (area of 25.8 ha) – IP Lutsyuk I. M.;
  • the pond near the village. Komarovka (area 3.3 hectares), the tenant-JSC ” Komarovka»;
  • ponds Northwest D. Dubrava/ Rybhoz “Stradegy” (area of 182, 4 ha), the tenant – OOO “Dzik»;
  • the pond West of d. Leplyuvka (the area of 54 hectares), the tenant – Yip Chernushevich, A. R.


The ponds near the village of Komarovka


Ponds West of the village of Leplevka


Pond fishing economy «Stradech»


All activities in the field of fisheries and the organization and implementation of fishing is regulated by the guidance documents: presidential Decrees № 580 of 2005 and 551 of 2014, which approved the rules of fishing and fishing,amended and supplemented them.

Number of lakes (oz. Secret Streleckoe, Black) are part of the core zone of the biosphere reserve “Pribuzhskoye Polesie”. In accordance with the Regulation on the biosphere reserve “pribuzhskoe Polesie”, approved By the decision of the Brest regional Executive Committee of 09.12.2003 №628 core area is allocated for the conservation restoration of natural intact and most valuable ecosystems. The zone includes areas of the territory for which the most stringent restrictions of permissible environmental management are established. Carrying out economic activities, research and educational activities within the core zone is allowed by special permits of the administration of the biosphere reserve in accordance with the approved plan.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting the GPU “Republican reserve” pribuzhskoe Polesie ” by phone 8-0162-20-86-00 or by writing to e-mail: biorezervat@mail.ru

Extract from the Rules:

Rent of fishing grounds:

The right to conduct fishing activities in fishing grounds arises from legal entities, including foreign ones, who have concluded written lease agreements for these fishing grounds based on the results of a competition or auction and have received special permits (licenses) for fishing.

Fishing grounds (reservoirs and watercourses), with the exception of fishing grounds located within the boundaries of settlements, are provided to legal entities for rent for fishing on the basis of decisions of local councils of deputies on the results of the competition or auction.

The local Executive and administrative body shall organize and hold a tender or auction for the right to conclude a contract for the lease of fishing grounds for the purpose of leasing fishing grounds.

For the rent of fishing grounds the rent is charged, the amount of which is provided in the lease agreement of fishing grounds. The rates of payment for the rent of fishing grounds are determined by the local Councils of deputies in the amount of not more than two minimum rates of payment for the rent of fishing grounds, approved by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus.

Organization of paid recreational fishing:

The organization of paid Amateur fishing is carried out by the implementation of tenants (users) of fishing grounds to citizens of permits for paid Amateur fishing. Fishing without a permit is prohibited.

Information on the mode of paid Amateur fishing and the procedure for the implementation of permits for paid Amateur fishing should be publicly available.

The lessee (user) the fishing grounds is required to install signs indicating


  • on the regime of fishing in fishing grounds;
  • the number of allowed to catch fish in the implementation of paid Amateur fishing;
  • about the price of the permit for paid Amateur fishing;
  • about the place of realization of permits on paid Amateur fishing, and also other information regulating paid Amateur fishing in the fishing grounds leased or provided in free use.

Amateur fishing

Amateur fishing is carried out by fishermen for a fee or free of charge.

Amateur fishing in the fishing grounds that make up the stock of fishing grounds is free of charge.

Anglers engaged in Amateur fishing are required to::

  • to maintain the proper sanitary condition of fishing grounds, not to leave garbage and other waste on their banks and on the ice, to prevent clogging and pollution of fishing grounds in any other way;
  • avoid damage to signs, shields, notices installed near fishing grounds, in water protection zones and coastal strips.

In fishing grounds, Amateur fishing of all kinds of fish is allowed, except for eels and fish species, for which restrictions or prohibitions are established in accordance with the legislation.

In case of catching fish, lampreys belonging to the species included in the Red book of the Republic of Belarus, as well as eels and fish species for which restrictions or prohibitions are established in accordance with the legislation, such fish should be released into fishing grounds in live form.

Anglers in fishing grounds are allowed to use the following tools and methods of fishing for Amateur fishing:

  • fly, float, kucove and bottom rods all systems, awnings, boats, walkway;
  • mugs, imitation fish, rates, kolebalki and other similar systems and equipment;
  • guns and pistols for spearfishing, firing a harpoon with a tip of no more than five teeth (only during spearfishing);
  • traditional national fishing gear;
  • nets with a diameter of not more than 0.5 m with a mesh size of less than 10 mm and lifting nets of not more than 1 x 1 meter and a mesh size of less than 10 mm for fishing as bait for fishing of other fish species;
  • bigoriki the width of the hook (distance from tsevja to a sting of an edge) is not more than 9 inches and nets to lift from water fish specified in this paragraph instruments of fisheries;
  • fishing with simultaneous use of fishing gear of one species or different species with a total number of hooks not more than 5 pieces per angler;
  • fishing by hand.

Anglers are allowed:

  • fishing in the fishing grounds, except for the fishing grounds provided in rent (use) where the paid Amateur fishing is organized, no more than 5 kilograms of fish on one Fisher a day and one fish if the total weight taking into account its weight in the sum will exceed 5 kilograms, or one fish which weight exceeds 5 kilograms;
  • fishing as bait for fishing other fish species is not more than 30 pieces per angler per day.

Fishing of all types of fish in the fishing grounds of the Brest region is prohibited from March 20 to may 18, with the exception of Amateur fishing, carried out by a fisherman with one fishing rod with one hook or one spinning rod equipped with artificial bait, with one single or double or triple hook in the daytime from the shore (without entering the water) or from ice, with artificial structures.

In addition to the ban on fishing, fishing grounds are bans (for the Brest region) on:

  • common pike fishing – from March 1 to April 15;
  • pike-perch fishing-from April 15 to may 30;
  • catfish fishing-from may 19 to June 20, from November 1 to March 31;
  • fishing lake Peipsi whitefish – from 1 November to 15 December;
  • common burbot fishing – from December 25 to February 28;
  • commercial fishing of all types of fish on wintering pits – from October 1 to April 15.

Amateur fishing is prohibited:

  • with the use of double and triple hooks on fishing gear without lures, natural or artificial bait;
  • ships in the night;
  • with simultaneous use of fishing gear of one or different species with a total number of hooks more than 5 pieces per track from ships with engines;
  • using circles, Gerlich, bids, calabashes and other similar systems and equipment in nighttime, and also without reference to the names and initials of fisherman engaged in fishing;
  • closer than 50 metres from the designated commercial fishing gears;
  • during the periods indicated above;
  • fish, lampreys, belonging to the species included in the Red book of the Republic of Belarus, eels and fish species, in respect of which in accordance with the legislation there are restrictions or prohibitions;
  • leaving the established of fishing gears without a visual control. In case of detection of these guns are subject to seizure by the authorities of the fishing control.

Amateur fishing is also prohibited:

  • using piercing guns fishing, lighting, firearms or airguns (except underwater weapons and (or) guns), fishing gears, principles of operation of which is based on the use of electromagnetic fields, ultrasound, and other fishing gears, the use of which is not permitted;
  • fish that have not reached the fishing measure, except as provided in these Rules;
  • by explosion or other devices which have a harmful effect on the fish;
  • by “rut”, except where the application of this method provided by fisheries biological justifications by dams and draining the water from the fishing grounds and way of “barenia».