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Cycling route “Secrets of the White Lake”

Cycling route signs – an arrow on a blue background with the inscription “Secrets of the White Lake Cycling Route”.

The route starts from a stand installed at the Center for Environmental Education and Tourism in the village of Leplevka. At the stand, you can study the traffic pattern along the route and learn about interesting objects that will be encountered along the way. Following the signs, we leave the village. Further, the road passes through the field to fish ponds called “Kopytskoe Swamp”. From the ponds we move to the right towards the forest.

In the forest, movement takes place along the main road and according to signs at the forks.

We leave for the settlement of Dubitsa. Moving along the edge of the village, we pass a ditch, summer cottages.

At the sign, we turn left into the forest. We are moving through the pine and mixed forest, passing the stand of the biosphere reserve “Pribuzhskoe Polesie”.

We leave on a gravel forest road.

To the left, it goes towards Lake Taynoye. We are moving to the right – towards the tourist complex of the Belarusian Railway, located on the shore of Lake Beloe. The road to the complex leads along the shore of the Black Lake. Having entered through the barrier into the tourist complex of the Belarusian Railways, we keep to the asphalt from the right side of the base and leave through the iron gates to the beginning of the ecological trail “Mezhozernaya”, passing along the watershed between the Beloe and Rogoznyanskoe lakes.

It is better to walk along the eco-trail. The trail has a length of about 2.5 kilometers, passes through the forest and swampy areas of the biosphere reserve, comes to the shore of Lake Beloe.

The trail ends at the asphalt road leading to the sanatorium “Brestagrozdravnitsa”. We turn left at the sign. Moving along the asphalt road, we pass the intersection leading to the left to the tourist complex – Chalet “Greenwood”.

We follow the sign to the right and enter the P94 road. We turn left and move back to Leplevka.

In the direction of travel, it is imperative to drive up to the railway station “Dubitsa” an old building (1897), which is located a little to the side of the route. Exit to the station – on the right side of the P94 road. After inspecting the station, we return to the route and move on.

At the road fork we turn left towards the sign “Tomashovka”. After passing the crossroads – on the right side we drive up to the memorial obelisk “Protest”.

Having made a short stop, we move on and enter Leplevka. In the village, we turn left according to the sign and get to the starting point of the route.

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