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Ecological trail “Mezhozernaya”

Ecological trail “Mezhozernaya” – is located on the territory of the biosphere reserve “Pribuzhskoe Polesie” and runs along the watershed between lakes Beloe and Rogoznyanskoe. Designed and equipped by the staff of the Pribuzhskoe Polesie Republican Wildlife Refuge within the framework of the small grants project “Let’s Save the Nature Together”. On a relatively small area (the length of the trail is 2.5 km), a variety of ecosystems of the biosphere reserve is represented, namely: coniferous, deciduous and mixed forests, lakes, small forest rivers, floodplain, transitional and lowland swamps.

The trail starts not far from the road leading to the North Kazakhstan region of JSC “Brestagrozdravnitsa” and ends at the tourist base of the Belarusian Railway. All along the trail is marked with orange color markers and equipped with 8 information stands.

You can walk along the trail yourself or in an organized group, accompanied by a guide. You can order the services of a guide by phone / fax:  +375 (162) 40-56-00 or by writing in e-mail:

Having visited the eco-trail with a guide, you will learn the history of the emergence of the biosphere reserve and the Pribuzhskoe Polesie nature reserve, familiarize yourself with the myths and legends associated with this territory and, of course, enjoy the beauty of the nature of the Pribuzhie region.

Тип маршрутапешеходныйПродолжительность3 часаДлина маршрута2,5 кмКол-во человекДо 30 чел.Share

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