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Water route “Amber Route of Beresteyshchina”

The water route along the Western Bug River has a length of about 90 kilometers and is designed for two days. It is possible to move along the route on one-, two, three-seater kayaks, canoes, rafts. It can be carried out both from the Belarusian and Polish side of the river. Accordingly, the movement along the river will be carried out from the side from which the launching began.

The beginning of the route was taken from the tourist site “Wlodawa” near the agricultural town Tomashovka (from the Belarusian side) or the place where the kayaks are launched in the city of Wlodawa (from the Polish side of the river). The Western Bug has a calm current along its entire length, there are no significant blockages and shallows on the river. In the summer dry period, the river may become shallow and the number of small areas may increase. There are several points for stopping, resting.

When organizing rafting, it is necessary to agree with the representatives of the relevant border services of the states on the side of which the movement is carried out.

Тип маршрутаводныйПродолжительность2 дняДлина маршрута15-80 кмКол-во человекДо 30 чел.Share

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